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In my work as a creative, I have been fortunate to work with many exciting companies and inspiring people. I have come to a point where I would love to share my knowledge, and guide you on your own journey of receiving your goals, trusting your ideas and finding your path. Whether you want your company to move forward, or you might just need a private consultation. 


Maybe you need some guidance and feedback on your creative project? Perhaps your thought process, an obstacle or any other blockages on your route to succes. At the moment you might not have anyone to bounce the pros/cons with - that is were I would like to offer my help and guidance, for you to find your own way through your choices. 

You can read all about my work history, in the 'About me' section, where you will notice that I have faced different challenges such as live TV,  international magazines, press and advertising. I have also written several books, been lucky to win some awards and worked for several acclaimed companies.  I had to overcome a lot on the route to finding personal succes, and I wish to guide you on your own journey, by using my experience to facilitate the ups and downs. Maybe give you some tools that might help you when facing creative clients or any other projects. I have greatly benefitted from courses in mindful sessions, meditation, coaching and intuitive lessons, that have all helped me build a bridge between my creativity and professionalism. 

Send me your question below, with as much detail as needed. I will return as soon as possible with a page long e-mail, filled with helpful personal guidance directed at your question. Looking forward to hear from you!


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Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful answer. It's really helped me onwards. I can only say thank you ever so much. 



Very exciting session! You managed to pin point my personality and psyche with great accurary. I would love to ask you further questions... 



Thank you for your written answer, in regards to my quite abstract question. I can definately use your answer and I will go back and read it again and again. It gives me new information everytime. Thank you again!



Thank you for a really exciting answer. It sounds like a process that I will start off with immediately. It all made great sense to me.